Video Show Chloe Wiegand’s Grandfather Seemingly Sticking His Head Out of 11th Floor Window Before Her Fall

For months, the saga of Chloe Wiegand has captivated the cruise community. After dying in a tragic fall from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in July 2019, it seemed that the most likely explanation for the 18-month-old’s death was that her grandfather had accidentally held her up to a window that he believed was closed, only to learn too late that it was really open. 

Newly released evidence is challenging that narrative. A video posted today by The New York Post (courtesy of another news outlet) seems to show Chloe’s grandfather, Salvatore Anello, stick his head out of the open window before lifting Chloe up to it. The editors of the video used red arrows to indicate Anello’s movements, which are not entirely clear to the untrained eye. 

An attorney for the Wiegands slammed the release of the video, citing the fact that there are 13 CCTV video cameras in the area where the incident occurred, and that the release of just a few cameras’ footage paints a misleading picture.  

This information may have been released, or at least appropriated, by Royal Caribbean in an attempt to dismiss a lawsuit the Wiegands have filed against it. According to published reports the Wiegand’s suit claims that Royal Caribbean was negligent for having had a window open that far up in the ship without warning signs and that the very design of the ship violated regulations by having windows close to the children’s play area.