Victim Set to Sue Lamborghini DUI Driver That Struck Him

Last Thursday a South Florida man and his wife were struck by a Lamborghini as they drove to work. Now, they are suing the driver who struck them.

Local reports that the victim, Jesus Villarroel, was severely injured in the crash including suffering a fractured face and chest and a torn eyelid. Jesus suffered the majority of the injuries as the Lamborghini struck on his side of the car. 

Authorities have identified the Lamborghini driver as Gabriel Pina. After the crash, Pina’s friends reportedly pulled him from the wreck and drove him to the hospital. Officers then located Pina at a hospital and determined his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit. Pina had reportedly been drinking at a strip club before the crash.

Villarroel is now filing suit against Pina. In such cases, attorneys will often not only investigate the driver that struck the victim but will also investigate third parties such as bars that may have served the driver too much alcohol. 

Pina is currently facing multiple charges, including DUI

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