University Of Miami Medical School Student Feels Lucky to Be Alive After Hit-And-Run

A Miami medical school student is thankful after surviving a hit-and-run crash in Brickell in mid-December. reports that the crash occurred on Southeast Seventh Street when a Dodge Durango slammed into Jason Greenfield and Ian Edelman. Greenfield is a medical student at the University of Miami.

In a video of the crash, shared on social media, the Durango can be seen jumping up on the curb, striking the men, then coming to a stop on the sidewalk. Some believe that the Durango may have been racing shortly before the crash.

Police continue to search for the driver of the Durango, and the drivers of any other vehicles that may have been racing at the time.

As for the victims, they are now beginning the road to recovery. “It’s gonna take some time for me to like, fully process it,” said Edelman, adding that he feels lucky to be alive.

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