Uniformed Carnival Cruise Lines Officers Caught on Tape Making Out with Passengers

In 2014 cruise injury attorney Jack Hickey was interviewed by INSIDE Edition relating to a client, who had been violently sexually assaulted while sailing aboard a cruise ship.

The woman, identified in the report only as Tristan, was sexually assaulted by two cruise ship employees while she sailed aboard a Carnival cruise ship. The crew members held her down in their cabin and violently raped her multiple times.

The report cites the fact that, according to court filings, Carnival states that contact between crew members and passengers should be limited. 

In order to test whether Carnival employees actually observe the anti-fraternizing policy, INSIDE Edition reporters boarded a cruise ship to investigate how easy it would be to find cruise ship workers violating protocol and fraternizing with passengers. 

The reporters found uniformed cruise ship officers fraternizing with two young women on the very first night of the cruise, and continued to spot the officers with the women throughout the duration of the cruise.