UF Doctor Discovers that the Man He Attempted to Help Is Fallen Colleague

After a university executive was harmed in a jet ski crash, he was attended to by another doctor who worked with him. Now the Good Samaritan is speaking out about the crash.

ActionJaxNews.com reports that Dr. Joseph Cody responded to Dr. Haley after he crashed the jet ski on which he was riding. A group of fishermen saw the doctor crash and began to flag down boats in an attempt to secure help.

Dr. Cody says that  “I jumped off my boat, I swim in, and I was able to talk to the fisherman.” He says that he attempted to assist the man that was on the rocks, but then found that he would need to wait for the Coast Guard to help.

Dr. Haley died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the personal watercraft crash.  Dr. Cody later discovered that the man he attempted to help was another doctor, colleague at UF Health.

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