Two Local Teens Killed in Miami-Dade Crash Over the Weekend

A deadly car crash left two South Florida teens dead over the weekend, and now their loved ones are seeking answers. reports that the crash that killed 16-year-old Valery Leah Dantos and 14-year-old Emily Luna on Saturday night was caught on surveillance video. The recording shows a vehicle striking the victims’ car as the girls were making a left turn on Northwest 18th Street. The collision was so forceful that a third car was damaged.

The crash occurred just outside Chill & Grill Smokehouse, a site that has now become a place of gathering for nightly vigils.

The owner of the restaurant, Lashawn Akins Taylor, says that the area could be made safer for drivers. “It has to be a light put here or something,” she said.

The other driver involved in the crash stayed on the scene and police are in contact with that driver. As of now, police have not indicated whether the driver will be cited or charged.

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