Two Lawsuits Reportedly Filed Due to Injuries Stemming from Mazda Defect

More information has become available about the recently announced recall of hundreds of thousands of Mazda vehicles. reports that Mazda is recalling 261,000 M3 vehicles in North America, including model years 2003 to 2007, due to a defect that that can cause the plastic emblem on the steering wheel to shatter when the airbag deploys. The combination of the shattered plastic and the force of the airbag can pepper the driver with dangerous shrapnel.

The report says that there have been at least 10 injuries reported so far relating to the defect, but the injuries all occurred outside the United States.

Despite the apparent lack of injuries in the U.S., the report says that at least two alleged U.S. victims have filed lawsuits against Mazda due to injuries relating to the defect.

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