Two Killed In Serious Davie Car Crash

A serious Davie area car crash left two people dead and another hospitalized earlier this week. reports that police believe the crash occurred when a white sedan was heading west on Griffith Road and collided with a Ford Mustang heading east. It appears that the white sedan, apparently a Kia, was making a left turn or U-turn when the collision occurred. The crash was so powerful that it ripped the sedan’s roof off. 

The sedan was carrying a driver and passenger while only a driver occupied the Mustang. Paramedics pronounced the passenger of the sedan dead at the scene and transported both drivers to a local hospital for treatment. The driver of the sedan later died from his injuries. Authorities believe that the driver of the Mustang will recover.

WSVN quotes Davie Police Lt. Mark Leone as saying “In an area like this, where it is not the most well-lit, it’s very dangerous when cars are speeding because you can’t make a determination of how fast that car is coming while it’s coming directly at you.” 

As of the publication of the WSVN article, it was not clear which driver was at fault for the crash.