Two Adults And Three Children Injured in A School Bus Crash

Five people, including two adults and three children, were injured in a crash involving a school bus earlier this month. reports that the crash occurred as a school bus was picking up students as it traveled southbound on C.R. 149. After seeing a student who she had not picked up in a while, the bus driver put the bus in reverse in order to pick up the student.

As the driver reversed she apparently put on the bus’ emergency flashers but did not turn on the yellow caution wand or the red stoplights. A driver who was behind the bus attempted to alert the bus driver by honking the horn, but apparently, the bus driver did not notice the vehicle and continued to back up.

The bus crashed into the car, resulting in injuries to the bus driver, students ages 12, 13, and 16, and the driver of the vehicle.   

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