Travelers Question Safety Of Road Where Tractor Trailer Killed Two Young Floridians

Last week we blogged about a tragic Jacksonville-area crash that cost the lives of two young Floridians. Hannah Krajewski was driving a Kia Optima when the big rig struck a concrete barrier in the area of Lem Turner Road off-ramp and then struck the Kia, killing Krajewski and her 23-year-old passenger. reports that Florida Highway Patrol’s preliminary investigation resulted in no indication as to why the tractor trailer’s driver lost control of the rig and struck the concrete barrier. But the News 4 report indicates that local drivers believe that the stetch of road where the crash occurred is particularly dangerous. 

“The lane shift is horrible in this spot, I try to avoid it all costs,” a driver told the news outlet. “It’s super slippery and throws cars around every time I’ve been in that spot. … I’ve been saying this needs to be fixed for years,” the driver added. Another said that “That portion of 95 is very slippery when wet and it curves [.] On top of that you have merging traffic from [the] on-ramp,” while another added that “The lane shift around the bend that caused this accident is in a terrible place. They need to close that on ramp, and extend it or they will have a lot more accidents.”

Though there is construction in the area, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Transportation said that there was no construction on the day of the crash.