Three Seminole County High School Students and Bus Driver Injured in Crash

Three students and a bus driver were injured in a crash involving a Seminole County school bus last Tuesday. reports that the crash occurred at State Road 426 and State Road 46 when a landscaping truck allegedly failed to make a right turn while traveling in a right turning lane. This set off a chain reaction in which the landscaping truck careened left, striking the school bus causing a pickup to also collide with the bus.

Though there were relatively few Hagerty High School students on the bus at the time crash, three were injured including a 16-year-old who reportedly suffered serious injuries. 

“I came running out, called 911 immediately. I was looking to see if there were any kids on the bus. You could see there were just a few people on it, thankfully,” said Kimmy Elkins works near the crash site.

Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the crash and has cited the driver of the landscaping truck for careless driving.

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