Three Children Injured In Hit-and-Run That Destroyed Mother’s Vehicle

A Fort Lauderdale woman and her three children were involved in a serious crash Thursday, leaving the car destroyed and all three of the children hospitalized. reports that Fallone Pinphinat was just leaving her home with her children when a Dodge charger slammed into her vehicle, pushing it into a truck that was in front of her.

Though Pinphinat was relatively unharmed in the crash, her three children were all hospitalized with injuries. While one has been released from the hospital, two remain hospitalized.

“My 5-year-old lost conscience right then and there, like he was completely out. Like, he literally died there on the scene and one of the neighbors had to give him CPR,” she said. “He’s still not really talking. He’s still not really eating, and my baby, my 1-year-old, he’s bleeding from the nose. He has a black eye,” Pinphinat told

The driver of the Charger left the scene of the crash in violation of Florida law. Pinphinat says that she hopes someone will turn the driver in. “It’s not gonna be OK. I’m not gonna sit around and let you get away with it,” she declared.

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