Third Diamond Princess Passenger Dies

For the past several weeks we have been blogging about the coronavirus contagion aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. What started off as a reported 10 passengers aboard the ship ill with coronavirus early in February has ballooned to at least 621 passengers ill with coronavirus at most recent report. And there have been fatalities. We previously blogged that two Diamond Princess passengers had died from the virus. Now, a third passenger hs died, but it is not clear if this third fatality is due to coronavirus. 

Yahoo! News reports that the most recent victims is an 80-something-year-old man of Japanese nationality. Authorities indicate that the victim died from pneumonia. 

The previous two Diamond Princess coronavirus victims were also Japanese citizens in their 80s. 

Some experts in infectious disease have criticized the quarantine methods that authorities employed aboard the Diamond Princess. Passengers were kept aboard the ship for two weeks in conditions that apparently allowed for the virus to spread and eventually infect 20% of all aboard.