The Clock Is Ticking to File Cruise Injury Related Claims

The statute of limitations for many cruise injury-related claims is one year from the date of the incident. This means that generally speaking, victims of cruise negligence related injuries must file their claims within one year of the date of the incident, or their claims will likely be blocked by the courts if filed later.

In early 2020 tens of thousands of people sailed aboard cruise ships until the pandemic-related shutdown occurred in March and April. If you, or your loved one, were injured aboard a cruise ship in 2020, your time to file a claim is likely running out. In order to ensure that you file within the statute of limitations, it is advisable to file immediately. 

Cruise injury victims not only must file their claims on time but must also file their claims in the proper jurisdiction. Cruise companies select the jurisdiction where passengers must file suit, and this is detailed on the cruise ticket. An experienced cruise injury attorney can help ensure that you not only file your claim on time but also file your claim in the proper jurisdiction.

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