Surfside Condo Collapse Search Suspended Due to Dangerous Conditions

Rescue workers at the collapsed condo building in Surfside, Florida were forced to suspend their search and recovery efforts due to concerns about the structural integrity of the site. 

CBS New York reports that a structural engineer made the decision after hearing cracking noises in the vicinity of the search site. Alan Kilsheimer has reportedly investigated over 30 building collapses and was contracted by Surfide to help determine what went wrong.

The delay is causing additional anguish for the families of the 140+ people who are still missing and feared trapped or dead beneath the rubble. 

Kilsheimer says he does not know the reason for the cracking noises, making it difficult for him to determine how long the search delay may last. Among the dangers are hanging columns and debris that may become dislodged and fall on the collapse site.

Kilsheimer says building collapse sites can be especially susceptible to wind. His warning comes just as South Florida comes under threat of a tropical storm. 

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