Stranded Cruise Passengers Are Dying From Non-Coronavirus Related Causes

The number of stranded cruise ship crew members continues to diminish, with the reported tally dropping from 100,000 to a reported 70,000 in recent weeks. Many of the crew members are understandably desperate to leave their respective ships and repatriate to their home countries. But in the meantime, published reports indicate that many are having a rough go of it. At least 4 cruise ship workers have died in recent weeks, with at least three of these being classified as suicides. 

The New York Post reports that four cruise ship crew members have died while stranded aboard the vessels. On May 2, a crew member died after going overboard from the Jewel of the Seas. Then, this past weekend a man aboard the Carnival Breeze reportedly died on Saturday of a suspected suicide, and another worker also reportedly committed suicide aboard the Regal Princess on Sunday. Sunday also saw a crew member of the Mariner of the Seas die of natural causes. 

This news comes amidst reports of growing desperation among the stranded workers, including a planned hunger strike among Navigator of the Seas workers. 

Cruise companies’ repatriation efforts have been frustrated by the Centers for Disease Control’s stringent repatriation guidelines, which have caused many cruise companies to balk. Additionally, a significant number of world ports have closed to cruise traffic, further complicating the matter.