Statutes Of Limitations Apply Despite Potential Court Logjams

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the shutdown of virtually every aspect of society. While many sectors are beginning to open up, Florida’s court system is operating at reduced capacity. reports that Florida’s courts are facing a logjam, with a massive number of pending cases expected to grow into next summer. 

The article details the frustration that many victims feel with the delays. The report says that pending circuit and county civil cases are expected to increase over 98% through summer 2021. One of the reasons for the delays is that conducting jury trial is next to impossible when authorities are advising that groups of people cannot safely come together in the same location.

But despite the looming logjam in court cases many court filing requirements, including the statute of limitations, still apply. This means that if you have a claim you must still file it within the time allotted by the statute of limitations or risk having your claim barred from court. While the courts may not be operating at normal capacity, attorneys are still able to file court documents such as complaints and answers electronically, and even conduct legal procedures such as deposition over live-stream.

If you are contemplating filing a claim for cruise ship injury or sexual assault, injuries resulting from a major vehicle crash, or a claim stemming from medical malpractice, do not wait. Though the pandemic may mean that your day in court may come a little later than it would have otherwise, your timeframe filing has not changed.