Statute of Limitation for Filing Most 2020 Cruise Injury Claims Is Close to Expiring

When the world shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic a year ago, perhaps no industry was affected quite like the travel industry. Hotels, airlines, and cruise companies around the world stopped operating. And though courts initially closed as well, the shutdown did not give personal injury victims any additional time to file.

In particular, the statute of limitation for filing cruise ship sexual assault and injury claims has continued to tick. Because cruising mostly stopped in March and April 2020, the statute of limitation has nearly run out for most 2020 cruise injury claims.  

For most kinds of cruise ship injuries, the statute of limitation is 1 year after the date of the incident. This is a very serious date as courts will usually bar any cases filed after the statute of limitation has expired. The fact that the courts have been working at a reduced pace due to the pandemic is no excuse for not having filed your case on time. 

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