South Florida Mom Outraged After Daycare Downplays Son’s Severe Burns

A South Florida mom is speaking out against a local daycare after an accident involving a bottle warmer left her son significantly burned. reports that Karen Hensel dropped off her 11-month-old son at the daycare at about 9 a.m. Sometime later the daycare called her and said that her son Malaki had suffered minor burns when a bottle warmer failed, splashing water on his leg.

What Hensel did not know was that Malaki also suffered serious burns to his torso and face, requiring a visit to the emergency room for second-degree burns.

Hensel is especially upset that no one from the daycare called 911 to help Malaki get the treatment that he needed.

“Nobody was called, so I made the police report. I contacted [the Florida Department of Children and Families] to report it, because I know, as a mother, if I would have made a scratch on his skin, or if I would have burned him, DCF would have been called on me,” Hensel said.

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