South Florida Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting 100 Women

A South Florida man stands accused of over 100 sexual assaults and has reportedly already admitted to sexually assaulting a woman at a South Beach hotel in November. reports that 32-year-old Marwan Habib appeared before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marisa Tinkler on Friday to face sexual assault charges. The incident in question began when the victim met Habib at the South Beach Hotel Victor. Habib somehow later gained access to the victim’s room and at some point jumped on her and began to kiss and touch her. The victim was eventually able to convince Habib to leave.

After Habib left, the victim called the front desk to ask how Habib was able to gain access to her room. Hotel staff advised the victim that “the defendant had her information and even had a woman on the phone pretending to be her so he was given a key thinking it was her granting access,” the report indicates.

According to the report Habib has confessed to the crime at the Victor Hotel, and is the subject of over 100 other accusations of sexual harassment.

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