Some Kia Vehicles Not Included In Recall May Still Be Prone to Catching Fire

A recent investigative report by an Atlanta news program found that certain Kia models may be prone to catching fire, even though they were left off of a list of vehicles that were previously recalled for the same reason. reports that a mother and son were taking a Hawaiian vacation and rented a 2019 Kia soul to help them get around. As Jordan Carlton and his mom Becky were cruising in the vehicle it suddenly caught fire. Jordan was not able to exit the vehicle before suffering severe burns. “But his burns were so severe. From the neck down. He lost his fingers, lost his toes. His body was just; it was horrible. Absolutely horrible,” said his father Robert. Jordan eventually passed away from his injuries. 

After checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) data relating to the Kia models that were recalled for fire risk WSB-TV reporters found that the model the Carltons had rented was not on the list.

“We are the family that has lost a loved one, because of one of these car fires. I would plead. I would beg you. Fix these vehicles,” said Robert Carlton.

The Carltons and others who have been affected by the dangerous Kia defect, including Ginger Evans of Blue Ridge, Georgia, are petitioning for congressional action to help ensure that not only are dangerous vehicles recalled and fixed but that rental car facilities also do more to help warn consumers of potential dangers of the cars they rent.

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