Royal Caribbean Pushes Back Return to Operations – Again

It seems as if every day there is major news relating to the cruise industry. Since the coronavirus pandemic began in March, the industry has been beset by near-constant news. Much of the news has been related to the cruise companies’ frequent challenges returning to operations. The latest update sees the cruise companies push their anticipated return to operations back to November. reports that  Royal Caribbean Cruise line, along with its subsidiaries Oceania and Regent Seven Seas, are all extending their suspension of operations through October. The companies were previously under a CDC imposed no-sail order through mid-September and Royal Caribbean had announced plans to return to operations as soon as the day after the order expired. Now, it appears that the company has reevaluated and will need more time to ready its return to to the sea.

The continuing delays facing cruise companies not only underscores the harsh reality that coronavirus has imposed on the industry, but also raises the question whether any major cruise company will be ready to return to operations this year. The coronavirus pandemic seems to be making a rebound not only in the United States but across the globe, putting a rebound in cruising in doubt.