Royal Caribbean Claims Chloe Wiegand’s Grandfather Knew Ship Window Was Open Before Her Fall

Its undoubtedly been a very trying half year for the Wiegands, After losing their 18-month-old daughter Chloe in a tragic fall from a cruise ship window in July, the family was horrified to learn that Chloe’s grandfather, Salvatore Anello, was not only responsible but would be prosecuted by authorities in Puerto Rico for her death.

From day one the family has maintained that the death was an accident. They said that Anello lifted Chloe to an 11th-floor window that he thought was closed only to learn tragically that it was open after she fell through. Initially, there was no reason to doubt this version of events. But after a video of the tragedy was released, some began to question if the tragedy really unfolded this way. 

According to, the Wiegands filed suit against Royal Caribbean for negligence in December 2019. The family’s main claim, that the cruise line was negligent to have a window open that hight up in the ship and close to children’s play areas, does not seem to hinge on whether or not Anello knew the window was open. In the suit, the family cites regulations that are meant to prevent the ships having windows close to childrens’ play areas.  

For its part, Royal Caribbean claims that Anello knew that the window was open before Chloe’s fall, citing evidence that Anello leaned out f the window before holding her up to it.