Pullmantur Ships Appear Likely Headed to the Scrap Yard

Last month the Spain-based cruise line Pullmantur announced that it had become insolvent and would be filing to restructure under Spanish laws. Almost immediately industry watchers began to speculate whether the company would ever return to service and what would happen to the company’s cruise vessels. While both of these questions seem to be up in the air at the moment, it does appear that the company’s cruise ships may be headed for the scrap yard.

CruiseIndustryNews.com reports that Pullmantur’s three-ship fleet, which includes the Monarch, Sovereign, and Horizon, may be translated to Turkey for dismantling in the near future. The report cites crew members who work aboard the ship, who also said that the ship’s valuables have already been stripped in advance of the ships’ transport to a ship scrapping region in Aliaga, Turkey.

It is not immediately clear what this news would mean for Royal Caribbean, which owns a major stake in Pullmantur.