Police Believe Driver Who Struck Girl in Pembroke Pines Was Suffering a Medical Event

Yesterday we blogged about a girl who was hit and severely injured by a driver while she was riding her bike in Pembroke Pines. Now, authorities have released more information about the tragedy.

WSVN.com reports that Pembroke Pines Police suspect that the driver who struck the girl may have suffered a medical emergency in the moments leading up to the collision. According to the reports, the 40-year-old driver Nicholas Matthews suffered a “sudden medical event” as he was driving in the area of Northwest 136th Avenue and Northwest 10th at about 2:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Matthews struck the 7-year-old victim who first responders then transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Residents say that the crosswalk where the crash occurred is dangerous. “It’s dangerous, and there’s always kids crossing. Like, I crossed two minutes before her,” said resident Mayerling Mercano.

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