Passengers Recount Stories of Cruise Ship Collision in Cozumel

On Friday two Carnival cruise ships collided while in port at Cozumel, Mexico. The incident was caught on video and shocked the travelers who were traveling aboard the ships. The collision left a gaping hole in the Carnival Glory and left many passengers feeling very uneasy as the ship took to the seas with the damage. interviewed Josh Halamek of Arkansas, a passenger on the Glory who was aboard the ship when it collided with the Carnival Legend. He was also aboard the ship as it set sail back to the United States after suffering the collision in Mexico. Halamek says that not only was Carnival’s communication about the incident poor, but he also expressed his angst at sailing the open sea in a damaged ship, saying “To go across the gulf with a hole in the ship and not knowing the extent I mean you gamble essentially.”

Halamek says that, as a passenger, he did not feel that Carnival took the incident seriously enough. “Coming from a customer you would want to feel validated and heard and I felt like there was none of that was not present and so with that it does give me a tendency of not wanting to go on another Carnival ship,” he told