Passengers And Crew Aboard Fred Olsen Cruise Ship Test Positive for Coronavirus

Days after major cruise companies announced that they would stop sailing for 30 days in order to help combat the spread of coronavirus, passengers and crew aboard a Bahamas-flagged ship have tested positive for the virus.

The Fred Olsen ship Braemar was on its way to the Bahamas Friday night when the ship’s officials expressed doubt that Bahamian officials would permit the vessel to dock. 

In a statement, the company said that the Braemar “is still heading to The Bahamas, where we have been given permission to come alongside in order to take on supplies and medication.”

When the Braemar arrived to the Bahamas its transport ministry denied its entry. Instead, Bahamian officials decided to provide the passengers on the ship with humanitarian aid. 

At the last report, the Braemar is anchored 25 miles off the coast of the Bahamas. 

On Saturday Columbus officials also announced that a man who was recently traveling on the Carnival Valor has tested positive for coronavirus.