Palm Beach County Launches Effort To Stem Pedestrian and Bicyclist Fatalities

Authorities hope to make 2021 a safer year than 2020 for pedestrians and bicyclists in Palm Beach County. reports that among the Florida counties with 200,000 or more residents, Palm Beach County is currently the sixth most dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. In 2020 alone the county registered 1024 collisions, 138 serious injuries, and 54 deaths among this group.

In an effort to combat the trend the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has launched high-visibility enforcement of traffic laws in certain Palm Beach intersections. The effort is aimed at raising awareness among the public and causing drivers to obey the laws that are meant to protect pedestrians and bicyclists.

The article lists measures drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians can take in order to help minimize the risk of collision:

  • Drivers should obey all traffic laws, including avoiding driving while intoxicated. They should also watch out for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Bicyclists should obey all traffic laws, and always ride in the direction of traffic. They should also use lights or reflective gear when riding at night.
  • Pedestrians should always cross in crosswalks, and only cross when traffic signals permit. They should also ensure that they are visible at night.

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