Over A Dozen Injured in Fort Lauderdale Boat Explosion

At least 13 people were injured when a boat exploded near the Fort Lauderdale Marine Center on Thursday.

WSVN.com reports that the explosion occurred at approximately 2:00 p.m. in the vicinity of Southwest 20th Street and 15th Avenue. Reports indicate that people had been filming a music video on the vessel moments before the blast.

Cameras captured images of the burning 41-foot boat as flames raged. Fireboats rushed to put out the flames as Good Samaritans helped the blast survivors. The WSVN.com report identifies boaters Trent Perez, Zach Sparrow, and Bret King as having been instrumental in helping the 21 people who were aboard the boat when it exploded. 

“The smoke had just pretty much gotten to its high point, that the fire was about to start. Seconds later, a flame started. They all jumped on, and we tried to get as far away as possible,” Sparrow said. “By the time we got them to the bank, the boat was fully engulfed in flames,” added King.

Two of the people who were hospitalized due to the explosion were in critical condition. Authorities airlifted one of the victims to Jackson Memorial Hospital for burn treatment.