Official Force Doral Plastic Surgery Center To Close

Government inspectors shut down a plastic surgery center in Doral in March, saying that the center did not feel safe. reports that officials told Miami Aesthetic Center to cease operations due to the fact that it was operating without a certificate of use and occupancy. During the evacuation officials also told patients to exit the premises, apparently including patients who may have been under anesthesia.

During the raid city officials who were wearing body cameras could be heard saying “You’re operating without a certificate of use and occupancy. I have to shut you down. I am obligated to shut this down.” The official added, “When you open to the public, their assumption, the common person thinks this is already good to go, that I’m going to be in a safe, sanitary building, etc. And we don’t have that conditions.”

“It kind of reminds me like just a puppy mill,” said one patient whose surgery was canceled due to to the raid. “I felt this dead energy, where I’m like, this does not feel safe,” she added.

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