Norwegian Jade Itinerary Cancelled Due to Mechanical Issues

A cruise ship suffered mechanical problems earlier this week, causing end its itinerary early. reports that The Norwegian Jade ended its 10-day itinerary to the Caribbean, including stops in St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, and St. Martin, early when the ship began to suffer mechanical problems on Monday. Instead of returning to Miami as planned, the ship stopped in Puerto Rico, where the passengers were flown back to Miami.

In a statement about the incident, Norwegian did not offer many details as to the nature of the mechanical issues. Insisted the company insisted that the ship’s “issue does not affect the safety of the ship…” The company added that the problem “will prevent her from sailing the scheduled itinerary.”

Affected passengers were given a full refund plus a 100 percent credit for future travel as compensation for the inconvenience, the company announced.

The Jade was returned to Miami with just the crew onboard.