News: Police identify victim of fatal fall from Royal Park Bridge

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Police said the victim of a fatal fall from a bridge in West Palm Beach Sunday afternoon has been identified, according to WPTV.

This is an update to a previous story.

A woman was walking her bicycle across the Royal Park Bridge at about 1 p.m. when the draw bridge began to rise. A man tried to help the woman hang onto the bridge, but she fell through a gap in the road about 50 or 60 feet to a concrete landing below, and was killed.

West Palm Beach Police Department detectives said the woman has now been identified as a 79-year-old resident of Palm Beach County. Her name is currently being withheld under Marsy’s Law, which allows crime victims or their families to request that the victims’ names be withheld from public documents.

Police are investigating the accident and trying to determine whether all safety protocols were followed.  The bridge connects Palm Beach with downtown West Palm Beach at Okeechobee Boulevard.

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