News: Couple’s car hit by suspected drunk driver in Miami

MIAMI, FL – A man was seriously injured when his car was struck by a suspected drunk driver in Miami last week, according to a report by NBC Miami.

The accident happened in the area of NW 36th Street and NW 36th Avenue on April 15. 79-year-old Jesus Villaroel said he was driving his wife to work that morning when their vehicle was hit by a Lamborghini that also crashed into another vehicle. An arrest report said the the driver of the Lamborghini was swerving and driving out of control prior to the crash.

Villaroel was hospitalized with injuries to his chest and eye. His wife was not seriously hurt.  The driver of the Lamborghini, 35-year-old Gabriel Luis Pina, was arrested following the incident,  He now faces several charges including driving under the influence.

WPLG reported that Villaroel is now suing the suspect.

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