New Zealand Tourists Killed In Volcano Eruption – Cruise Passengers Seriously Hurt

CBS News reports that several weeks ago geologists warned that the volcano on New Zealand’s White Island was set to erupt. Despite the warning, Royal Caribbean cruise line continued to tourists continued to take passengers to visit the island, putting their lives in mortal danger.

Images of the volcano in the moments before the eruption show people exploring its upper regions.

Five people have been confirmed killed while another 34 have been rescued, some with severe burns. Eight people are missing. Two newlyweds from Virginia who were visiting the island as part of their honeymoon cruise with Royal Caribbean are among those injured. 

Considering that geologists reportedly warned that the volcano was set to erupt, the immediate question is why anyone was visiting the island in the first place, especially those who were sailing aboard a cruise ship. Royal Caribbean has a duty to know when it is transporting its passengers into a danger zone, and the area around an active volcano would certainly qualify as such. 

CBS News reports that Royal Caribbean markets the volcano excursion to passengers, providing them with the opportunity to explore “hot volcanic streams.”