New Videos Show More Angles of Cruise Ship Collision

When looking at the video of the collision between the Carnival Glory and Carnival Legend cruise ships in Cozumel last week, the danger involved in the incident quickly becomes clear. The front end of the Legend plunges into the Glory, ripping into the Glory’s rear balconies. Anyone standing near that area of the impact could have been killed.  

Various news agencies reported differing numbers of people injured, from one to six. But considering the extent of the damage, it is a wonder that no one was seriously injured. None of the injured were reported as being serious, and one person was reported to have been injured during the evacuation from the site of the damage. 

The collision of the Carnival Glory and Legend shows just how precarious cruising can be. It is just the most recent example of a dangerous trend of cruise ships colliding with other ships and other sea-going vessels. As we noted in our initial write up on this situation, last week’s collision was just one in a series of cruise ship-related collisions this year. 

The most serious cruise ship involved collision occurred in May when the Viking river cruise ship Sigyn collided with a sightseeing boat, killing 28 people. Other collisions have also resulted in injury, including when a cruise ship crashed into another ship at the port of Venice, Italy in the spring.