NBC Miami Profiles the Plight of Baby Phoebe Moon’s Cruise Ship Meningitis Misdiagnosis

Earlier this year baby Pheobe Moon was the victim of cruise ship medical malpractice and negligence, errors that cost her her limbs. 

NBCMiami.com reports that when Pheobe and her family went on a cruise on the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas in February, soon after boarding Pheobe fell ill. She was so sick that her family took her to the ship’s infirmary multiple times, displaying symptoms of lethargy and a fever of up to 104 degrees. Each time the medical personnel sent Pheobe and her family back to their room. After taking her to the infirmary for the fifth time, the Moons decided to disembark from the ship at St. Martin and take baby Pheobe to a hospital shoreside. 

“When we got to St. Martin’s hospital, they said they’ve got about 15 minutes to save her life. They said prepare for the worst because she’s very sick,” said Pheobe’s father. 

The situation was so dire that the Moons flew Pheobe back to the U.S. for emergency treatment. There, doctors in South Florida diagnosed Pheobe with meningitis and were forced to amputate Pheobe’s feet and fingers on her left hand in order to save her life. 

The Moons are now suing Royal Caribbean for the misdiagnosis that cost Pheobe her limbs. The suit alleges that the Royal Caribbean medical staff missed “classic signs of a life-threatening meningococcal meningitis infection.”

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