Mother and Three Children Seriously Injured in Miami Car Wreck

A Miami crash involving a stolen vehicle left at least five people seriously injured Saturday, including three children. reports that the crash occurred Saturday afternoon near Northwest 66th Street and 22nd Avenue. Police say that a stolen Subaru was traveling eastbound on 66th Street when it slammed into a BMW that was being driven by a mother who had three children in the car. The woman and her children, ages six, 10, and 11, were all seriously injured.

In all, five people were injured in the crash and later hospitalized, indicating that at least one person from the Subaru was also taken to the hospital following the wreck.

Apparently, the Subaru had multiple occupants as witness reports indicate that at least two people from the Subaru fled on foot following the crash.

The mother and two of the children are reportedly in stable condition while the six-year-old is reportedly in critical but stable condition.

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