More Passengers Falling Ill with Chest Infections on Cruise Ships

Christine Gould and her partner, Stephen Gray, both from England, went on a two week long Christmas and New Year cruise on the Thomson Celebration cruise ship around the Caribbean.

While on board, both of them began to suffer from problems breathing, as well as a cough. This led to them having to be placed on an IV drip and given oxygen in the medical center. 

They, as well as other passengers, began to develop their symptoms shortly after the ship’s engine and the air conditioning units failed. When they were turned back on again, they, along with other passengers recalled that there was a strange smell in the air.  
Both continued to suffer from the symptoms of the mystery illness once they returned to the United Kingdom and neither has been able to return to work.

They have appointed a lawyer to establish the cause of the illness and the lawyer has asked Thomson Cruise Lines to assist in the investigation.

A spokesman for Thomson Cruises refused to comment on the incident due to the ongoing legal proceedings although they did say that the health, safety and comfort of passengers was their top priority and confirmed that they operated within strict health procedures which were in line with the standards laid down by the industry.  

On 31 January, an elderly lady, 84 year old Beryl Robinson died having also suffered from a chest infection on the British owned P & O cruise ship, Arcadia. She, along with several other passengers also suffered from a cough necessitating treatment with oxygen and antibiotics.