More Information about Widow Who Claims Unlicensed Cruise Physician Led to Husband’s Death

Yesterday we reported on a woman who is suing Carnival Cruise Line after an unlicensed physician treated her husband on one of the company’s ships. The man died shortly thereafter. 

Mary Ann Murphy is suing the cruise giant after her 55-year-old husband Daniel died while on a Carnival cruise in August 2018. Daniel had visited the ship’s doctor, Dr. Chenna Kesava Reddy Yenuga Mandi, with symptoms including chest pain, profuse sweating, chills, and stomach acne. Doctor Mandi examined Daniel and later prescribed him 24 hours rest and recovery in his stateroom. Mandi later gave Murphy permission to disembark in Cozumel, Mexico without first reevaluating him, reports.

Daniel Murphy died of a heart attack while on the cruise. reports that Carnival’s Medical Backgrounder document stipulates:

“Doctors are required to have a current and valid license from the U.S., one of its territories or Canada, or have full registration with the medical council in their native country which we identify as having medical training and standards that meet the guidelines of the American College of Emergency Physicians.”

Carnival says that Dr. Mandi had previous experience in a high volume hospital emergency department. But despite this attempted reassurance, the company has not yet provided evidence that Dr. Mandi was actually a licensed medical doctor.