More Information About Toddler Who Fell from Cruise Ship

Today more information about the toddler who died after falling from a cruise ship was released. 

The girl was being carried by her grandfather, as the family sailed aboard the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship. After she slipped from her grandfather’s hands the toddler fell from the 11th floor of the ship to her death. The Freedom of the Seas was docked in Puerto Rico at the time of the tragedy.

The victim was traveling with her parents, siblings, and both sets of grandparents when the tragedy struck, reports 

Apparently it was the girl’s maternal grandfather, Indiana resident Salvatore Anello, who last had contact with the girl. He is apparently currently under investigation. 

After the incident the Freedom of the Seas changed its itinerary without announcing the reason for the change. 

The victim was the daughter of Officer Alan Wiega.