More Details on Local Martial Arts Studio Owner Charged with Secretly Taping Students

The owner of Master Franco’s Taekwondo Academy, Robert Franco, is facing charges that he secretly video-recorded the bathroom of his taekwondo studio. In all, he reportedly taped up to 150 people who used the studio’s bathroom, both children and adults.

A student name Jade, a 17-year-old who attended the studio, apparently discovered the cameras after Franco asked her to change into fighting gear in the studio’s bathroom.

“And it just sparked a red light in my head. I just felt like something was wrong,” said Jade. She added, “I turned off the light in the bathroom. I turned on my flashlight on my phone, and I pointed at the picture, and I saw a glare of a camera lens.”

Jade says that she immediately went to Franco to confront him about the cameras, and he replied that they had been a gift.

Jade called the police to report the crime, leading to Franco’s arrest. Prosecutors are charging Franco with three counts of video voyeurism, reports.