Miami Herald Report: Approximately 5 Cruise Ships and 5,000 Passengers Still At Sea

Cruise ships across the world are currently under a sailing moratorium that will likely last for several months. Practically no new cruises are setting sail due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But despite the lack of new sailings, there are still several cruise ships sailing about in the world’s waters, and others that are currently in port waiting to disembark passengers.

The Miami Herald reports that there are at least 5 cruise ships carrying more than 5,000 passengers currently at sea and waiting to dock.

The cruise industry is under increasing pressure to come up with a plan for how it will respond to the coronavirus outbreak, even though sailing has largely halted. Last week the Centers for Disease Control issued guidance to the industry that calls on it to come up with a plan to handle the outbreak’s effects on cruises, which effectively prevents cruising until such a plan is approved. 

The cruise ships that are currently at sea include:

  • Pacific Princess
  • MSC Magnifica
  • Costa Deliziosa
  • Columbus
  • Queen Mary 2

Several ships are currently docked with passengers aboard, including: 

  • Greg Mortimer
  • Coral Princess
  • Rotterdam
  • Celebrity Eclipse

Only the Aurora Expeditions’ ship Greg Mortimer has reported cases of coronavirus.