Man Admits to Beating Woman While Sailing on a Cruise Ship off Massachusetts Coast

In April, authorities arrested 45-year-old Adam Damian Panetta on suspicion of having severely beaten a woman as the two sailed on a cruise ship off the coast of Massachusetts. 

According to, prosecutors alleged that Panetta and the victim were acquaintances, and that the assault occurred as they were sailing on the Norwegian Gem cruise ship. Onboard surveillance cameras recorded the beating in which Panetta is seen slapping the woman in face, striking her with a closed fist, and dragging her by her fair in the ship’s hallway. Panetta eventually left the victim on the floor in the hallway after she apparently lost consciousness due to the assault. 

The pair later went to the ship’s infirmary where the victim was given sutures for a one inch laceration and was treated for swelling on the right side of her head. 

Prosecutors charged Panetta with one count of assault resulting in substantial injury. He faces up to five years in prison. 

Every year dozens of women and children are assaulted by men while sailing aboard cruise ships. In fact, sexual assault is the most commonly reported crime aboard the vessels. Cruise crime data is reported quarterly, and typically more sexual assaults are reported than all other crimes combined.