Is There A Time Limit For Bringing A Claim Against A Cruise Line?

Question: When do I have to bring a claim against a cruise line?  Is there a time limit?  


Answer:  There is a time limit for everything in life.  And that includes when you have to bring a claim against a cruise line.  Cruise passengers who are adults and are injured have 1 year from the date of the injury.  


But for injuries to certain people or for a death, the time limit can be up to 3 years.  There is a Federal statute which applies to this. That statute is 46 USC Sec. 30508(b)(2) and (d).  The statute says that if a minor child or someone who is incompetent injured, or for the family of someone who dies from the negligence of the cruise line, the time limit is extended up to 3 years.   So for a minor child or incompetent person who is injured or for the family of a passenger who dies, the answer is a little more complicated.  In those cases, the time clock does not start to run until “the date a legal representative is appointed for the minor, incompetent, or decedent’s estate or 3 years after the injury or death” whichever comes first.  The time limit in the cruise passenger ticket is almost always 1 year.  But the one year does not start to run until that legal representative is appointed by a court.   


This time limit of up to 3 years would apply to a case of sexual assault of a minor child.  If someone sexually assaulted a minor child on a cruise, the time for bringing a claim may not now be gone even though most cruise ships have not sailed with passengers in over a year.    


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