Infant Dies in Multi-Vehicle Crash in Miami-Dade

An infant has died following a car crash involving multiple vehicles.

NBC Miami reports that the crash occurred in the vicinity of Golden Glades, near the 15700 block of Northwest 2nd Avenue. Multiple vehicles were involved in a series of crashes that seriously injured the 20-day old infant. Rescue workers attempted to save the infant’s life at the scene of the crash. A bystander recorded video of police officers and others working to save the baby’s life before rescue workers later transported the infant to Ryder Trauma Center. The infant later died.

Two additional children, ages one and two, were traveling in the same vehicle in which the infant was traveling and were also injured in the crash. They, along with one of the vehicle’s drivers, were transported to the hospital in stable condition.

It was not immediately clear how many vehicles were involved in the crash or how it unfolded.