In Major Cruise News Carnival Announces That It Will Sell 13 Ships

For months the cruise industry has speculated that some cruise companies may not remain financially solvent throughout the era of coronavirus. A couple of smaller cruise lines have already declared themselves insolvent, and many are wondering if a major cruise line may be next. With dwindling resources, it was only a matter of time before cruise companies needed to do something dramatic in order to remain afloat.

Carnival Cruise Line took a dramatic step this week when it announced that it would be selling 13 cruise ships. reports that Carnival has already sold one ship this year and expects to reduce its fleet by a total of 13 over the next 90 days. Though the company has not indicated which ships it intends to sell or to whom, industry experts are speculating that ships such as the Costa Atlantico and Costa Mediterranea are among the targeted vessels.

During a call on Friday Carnival’s CEO Arnold Donald acknowledged the sale saying, “We have aggressively shed less efficient ships.” The liquidation represents approximately 9% of carnival fleet, the report indicates.