Hyundai Recalling 82,000 Electric Vehicles On Possible Battery Fire Risk

In what being billed as one of the most expensive auto recalls in history, Hyundai is recalling 82,000 vehicles. By recall standards, this is a relatively modest number. But the recall is costing a hefty amount – estimated at $900 million.

The electric vehicles are being recalled due to battery defects that could cause the batteries to catch fire. The fix is to replace the entire battery, at a cost of approximately $11,000 per vehicle. reports that this is the equivalent of having to replace an entire engine in a gasoline-powered car, a situation that has rarely occurred in automotive recall history.

For the sake of comparison, General Motors reportedly spent $1.2 billion recalling 7 million vehicles with Takata airbags in recent years. That’s a cost of under $200 per vehicle on average.

Despite the danger of the batteries catching fire, no one has been reported injured as a result of the defect.

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