Homestead Crash Kills Three Including 14-Year-Old Teen

Yesterday we blogged about a serious car crash near Homestead International Raceway that left three people dead and one person injured. Now, authorities are reporting that a 14-year-old boy was among the victims that died in the crash. reports that the deceased teen, Terrance Valivia, had been out with a group of friends well past his 12 am curfew at the time of the crash. Valivia and two other teens died when the car in which they were riding drove through an embankment and into a canal near East Palm Drive and Southeast 28th Avenue.

Police say that the vehicle that the teens were in cut off a police car at about 3 am. Police attempted to stop the car but were unable to detain it. Police again attempted to stop the car after spotting it about an hour later but again failed to detain the vehicle. The next time the police spotted the vehicle it had already crashed and the victims had already suffered life-threatening injuries.

Of the four teens in the car at the time of the crash three died. Authorities later found the fourth teen on the ground near the embankment and took that victim to the hospital. That teen is now reportedly in stable condition.

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