HIV-Positive Personal Trainer Suing Cruise Line and Contractor for Discrimination

Daniel Dowd, a would-be employee for one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s major contractors, has been fired from a job on board one of the line’s ships before he even started working for them. Dowd was diagnosed with HIV fifteen years ago and recently applied for a job with a spa company to work as a personal trainer at sea with one of Norwegian’s Miami-based vessels. He visited his doctor before his interview for the job to make sure there would be no health issues related to him taking the job should he be hired. His doctor gave him the go-ahead, telling him there should be no problem whatsoever.

Norwegian and its contractor had other plans, however, when they learned of Dowd’s condition. They initially hired him after his interview and sent him all of the pertinent documentation and paperwork for filing as a new employee. HIV was not listed on the contract as one of the listed ailments that would prevent employment on the ship but in an effort of full disclosure, Down listed his HIV anyway. A few days after he sent in his paperwork he received a notice telling him he would not be able to work for the company because of his illness. Dowd is now suing for discrimination.