Highly Polished Stone Causes Slip-And-Fall Hazard On Cruise Ships

Over the coming weeks we will be taking a look at some of the lawsuits that Hickey Law Firm, P.A. has filed recently in order to give you a better understanding of the types of injuries that result from cruise line negligence. 

Below we present an excerpt from a civil complaint that we filed on behalf of one of our clients who was injured aboard the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship on August 30, 2019:

“On the evening of the subject incident, Carnival planned and organized a formal dinner at the Sunset Dining Room for its passengers including the Plaintiff. Carnival allowed a large accumulation of water to accumulate and remain on Carnival’s highly polished stone and/or marble flooring on a walkway on Deck 5 used by passengers, including the plaintiff, to walk to the Sunset Dining Room. [The plaintiff] planned to attend Carnival’s formal dinner with her mother and walked on Carnival’s highly polished stone and/or marble walkway on Deck 5. At the time [The plaintiff] was wearing a formal dress and high heels.

While paying attention and looking where she was going [The plaintiff] slipped and fell in a large accumulation of water that blended with Carnival’s shiny stone and/or marble walkway. Carnival failed to place any warning signs in the area to warn [The plaintiff] that the floor was wet. During her fall [The plaintiff’s] breast became exposed due to the fact she was wearing a strapless formal evening gown in front of a large crowd of passengers which included her mother as well as Carnival’s crew members and personnel.

[The plaintiff] was extraordinarily embarrassed. As a result of this slip and fall, [The plaintiff] has suffered debilitating and permanent injuries including but not limited to her right and left shoulder and arm, right knee and leg, as well as her cervical and thoracic spine.

Only after her fall did Carnival take any efforts to clean and dry the floor. Carnival used pads which it placed over several areas which remained wet after the fall. [The plaintiff’s] dress absorbed a significant amount of the puddle which caused her to slip and fall.”